Celebration Service 11/02/2018

1. John 17:13 There’s a full measure of Joy built within us, because we have a life of the Spirit.
2. Your infrastructure is not your physical body it’s what you have in your Spirit man and what you have in your Spirit man is indestructible.
3. God is giving us full measure (Ruth and Boaz- He is the redeemer Kingsmen and a prototype of Christ. She received the seven fold measure from him)
4. What a privilege it is to be a receptor of Joy and we all have Joy because we have the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit allows us to have an unlimited life, so welcome to an UNLIMITED life!
5. Joy is cultivated daily by having quiet time with the Lord, a time of prayer and a time of the word. Joy does not simply happen to us, we have to choose Joy everyday.

“The things that hurt us, instruct us” –
Benjamin Franklin


Power statements by Shailen Singh